ObjectWerks Inc. employees only highly qualified engineers with years of industry experience and experience with NeXTStep, OPENSTEP, Enterprise Objects and WebObjects designing and implementing enterprise solutions.

President. Wyatt Sutherland.

Wyatt Sutherland has extensive experience designing, developing and implementing systems for the financial industry. Mr. Sutherland has held developer and development management positions at First National Bank of Chicago, O'Conner & Associates, Swiss Bank Corp., NationsBank-CRT and others. With over eleven years experience with NeXTStep, OPENSTEP, EOF, WebObjects and object-oriented related technologies, he has consulted with clients in providing technical mentoring, design and development specializing in financial trading, settlement and payment, confirmation and contract systems using NeXTStep, OpenStep, YellowBox, Foundation, EOF and WebObjects technologies.

Vice President, Engineering. Chad Leigh.

Chad Leigh's experience focuses on system architecture, object technologies, and communications architecture. Mr. Leigh has led teams in markets where real-time information and distributed systems were vital for the customer and has been instrumental in building mission critical development processes. Chad has worked for a number of top quality technical corporations including Digital Equipment Corporation, WordPerfect, Novell, Digital Technology International, and others. He specializes in consulting in the design and development relating to system, communications, and object architecture using OPENSTEP and WebObjects technologies. As a lead developer, Chad developed the distributed communications layer for a Y2K solution for TF Software, a third-party Y2K solutions company.

Senior Engineers.

Dave Goodman

Randy Nelson

Tony Lewis


Seth Leigh

Chief Masseuse

Olga Christiansen


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