WebObjects Services

WebObjects is the number one selling application server platform. It is the principal way for you to get industrial strength applications on the web and onto your company's intranet. Based on OPENSTEP, WebObjects provides scalable object-oriented power for your applications. Check out this White Paper!

NeXTStep/OpenStep Services

NeXTStep/OPENSTEP is simply the best object oriented application development system in the world. Heavily used in the financial industry by the top trading firms on WallStreet, the CIA, and by thousands of other companies and industries, it provides the ability to quickly prototype, develop and maintain applications for your business. Our engineers have many years of experience providing heavy-duty applications analysis, design, and implementation using NeXTStep, OPENSTEP and EOF.

Java Services

Java is the up and coming platform for scalable and distributed applications. Alone or together with OPENSTEP and WebObjects technologies it can help propel you forward in your business.

Website Services

We can also help you get your company's website up and running quickly. HTML, DHTML, Java and Javascript, WebObjects, and E-Commerce.


We can help you gain the leading edge on your competition. We can analyze, mentor, design, and implement services on a fixed price or time-charged consulting basis.

Real World Experience

We provide real world experience; the stuff that's not taught in the classroom.


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